One of the most common types of bankruptcy is Chapter 7. Chapter 7 is considered a “liquidation case” or in other terms, a “straight bankruptcy.” By liquidating non-exempt property, the debtor will receive a forgiveness of all debt that can be forgiven under applicable law, otherwise known as a discharge. as permissible by law. Nearly all Chapter 7 debtors are entitled to retain at least some amount of their property.

What Are My Benefits Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

In addition, Chapter 7 also provides the benefits of the automatic stay, which is an injunction that prohibits creditors from bringing or continuing collection actions. Other benefits may also include:

  • Stopping wage garnishment.
  • Preventing eviction.
  • Putting an end to creditors’ harassing phone calls and letters, billing, and lawsuits pending against you.


The goal of Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to give the debtor a new start by discharging debts by including credit card loans, medical bills, and unsecured loans.


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